The Final Contract



The Final Contract is a story about three people living in the Biblical “last days”. Professor Lawrence Dust, played by Dave Johnson,  Claire Perry, played by Maryanne Burr, and Joe Williams, played by Xack Johnson. The year is 2017 and Professor Lawrence Dust, AKA “the Devil” is disguised as an author and conspiracy theorist. He assembles a team of four men who have a like passion for conspiracies. The four have no other choice but to help Dust with what he terms “the only real conspiracy” You see, in convincing each of the four to follow him, Dust reveals to the men that “he” was the lie behind every conspiracy that they ever followed, researched or believed in. Professor Dust’s main objective is to find Claire Perry and hold her ransom as he attempts to renegotiate an ongoing contract with God, which by the way allows Dust to exist. His team of four conspiracy enthusiasts are there to help him abduct her ….or worse. Dust needs their help as Claire has special powers given to her by God. Professor Dust cannot personally harm one of God’s chosen, but his team certainly can, and he knows it.

Claire Perry is a 17 year old enjoying her weekend break from school. She is always thinking about her parents who died 10 years previous. Claire’s gift is being able to be in two places at one time. This only happens when she’s asleep. Claire is troubled by the fact that she was unable to help her parents in their time of need, but when Claire takes these supernatural trips, she helps people who are truly at the end of their ropes. Her father Jack Perry also had a God given gift. He dreamed dreams. Claire was a part of some of his dreams. He documented each one, even before Claire was born. But her father left her clues… but one clue in particular was a date, December 10th 2017. This is just 2 days from the time our story starts. Claire is concerned that something terrible may happen as her father predicts her coming face to face with evil. But something else is revealed in the letters. A helper.

Joe Williams, 19, and his parents Gabe and Sarah move in across the street from Claire and her Aunt, Anne Howard. Joe befriends Claire. With just 2 days left, Claire believes that Joe is the one, spoken of by her father in the letters who will help her. Claire turns out to be right about Joe, but Joe’s also looking for something. As things begin heating up with Dust, and his boys moving in for the kill. Joe begins to get answers, not only about her father’s heavenly predictions but about Claire’s powers too.

Is this a story about some cosmic contract that God has with Satan? Or maybe a story of a young girl coming to terms with her parent’s death? Both are true, but watch and witness the amazing power of God in the life of someone… the last days.

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Jack’s Research

Hardware Store

Gabe & Sarah

Gabe’s Dream

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