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The Mis-Education of Joy is a story about 3 unlikely people coming together for the “ultimate” divine appointment.

Christian Author, Paul C. Agard, author of the book, The Mis-Education of Joy, is one of the 3 characters. Paul has returned to college, then in his 30s to pursue his teaching degree. This college will be the setting for most of the story. Paul takes a History class, taught by Professor Jim Byrnes, our 2nd character in the story. Paul and Professor Byrnes don’t see eye to eye on anything. Paul is a Christian, married and has 2 children. Professor Byrnes was once a Christian many years before, but his daughter, dying in his arms changed all that. Like many couples who lose a child, Byrnes and his wife also divorced...

The Final Contract


The Final Contract is a story about three people living in the Biblical “last days”. Professor Lawrence Dust, played by Dave Johnson,  Claire Perry, played by Maryanne Burr, and Joe Williams, played by Xack Johnson. The year is 2017 and Professor Lawrence Dust, AKA “the Devil” is disguised as an author and conspiracy theorist. He assembles a team of four men who have a like passion for conspiracies. The four have no other choice but to help Dust with what he terms “the only real conspiracy” You see, in convincing each of the four to follow him, Dust reveals to the men that “he” was the lie behind every conspiracy that they ever followed, researched or believed in...